“Mission & Vision”

Ugurlar Marble, who has put a human to to the company's focus since its foundation, manufactures for human.It makes efforts to increase the quality and prosperity of the people by providing employment and education to the people in the region.Ugurlar's vision is to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as to make their employees happy.

Ugurlar , the pioneer of modern technology in the natural stone industry, aims to invest in the future by protecting nature, which is our most valuable asset , not only with today, but also with happy people. Ugurlar , aiming to carry its brand to the future, aims to improve this understanding and to transfer it to future generations by modernizing the understanding of marble. Ugurlar , working to make his investments profitable with the right policy and right strategy, Ugurlar, is contributing to the economy to grow with this added value.

Quality policy

Ugurlar , aware of the fact that the best investment and quality comes from human , carries out its works in this direction. Ugurlar, strengthening its people with the support of education, does not compromise the quality of its products thanks to the controls it has made at every stage of production.

Ugurlar, which keeps its service quality at the highest level during the marketing and sales process, has demonstrated its success in this area with customer satisfaction and has increased its profitability over the years. Ugurlar perceives quality as a continuous development and continuous process rather than a target to be achieved.In this direction, we are working to improve and improve all business processes affecting human and product quality.


*One of the biggest differences of Ugurlar Marble in the sector is that it guarantees the continuity of raw materials and products.It gives trust to customers with production with a sustainable understanding without sacrificing quality, High stock capacity, marketing strategy based on the understanding of delivery in a short time ,and the right price policy. Ugurlar carries out all these business processes by designing the future from today.