Currently UGURLAR Marble owns 3 main marble quarries:

EMPIRE Beige® Quarry: Egirdir / Isparta

UGURLAR marble has been operating this quarry since 2009, This material is the Turkish excellence for beige marble, UGURLAR marble become remarkably well known especially in far east markets.

Grey Quarry: Bucak / BURDUR UGURLAR MARBLE started operating this quarry in 2018

UGURLAR marble is determined to make all kinds of investments to fulfill the expectations and needs of the market. starting from the highly experienced staff of engineers and technicians to the heavy machinery that consists of 6 loaders, 5 units of excavators, and 2 units of dump trucks.

In addition to its owned quarries, UGURLAR MARBLE is Co-operating with quarry owners across Turkey, and sources more than 20 different colors of marble, allowing its customers a vast choice of stone continuously.

Antalya Myra Beige Quarry

Issparta Galaxy touch quarry

Burdur baiulan beige quarry

Isparta blue tundra quarry